Do you know who are the Brazilians shaping the future?

We build Knowledge Networks

We promote and work together with local grassroots groups to connect, mobilize and publicize the brazilian talent abroad.

PUBx Framework

PUB meetups are interdisciplinary seminars and networking sessions where invited speakers present their research and innovations. They are organized by the Brazilian scientific, technology and cultural communities in various locations.

Innovation Capacity

We work with companies and scientists, both in the US and Brazil, to build an innovation ecosystem and drive projects forward. We train senior executives on the role of innovation and work with researchers to meet market needs.

Talent Portfolio

Ultra-specialized high-skilled brilliant individuals are not easy to find. We keep track of over 7000 brazilians that have or have had an international experience in the sciences, innovation and arts. Connecting them to you is our job.

SciBr Summit

The first research and innovation conference that spoke Portuguese at MIT started in 2013 and happens every 3 years. We use the SciBr Summit to bring top-notch brazilian talent to Boston for a massive celebration of their work.

Research Grants

One of our grantees, sponsored by the Lemann Foundation, took a Robotics course to a high school in the Amazon. Professors and students learned 3D printing, mechanical engineering and programming for the first time.

Public Advocacy

SciBr has met and trained representatives, presidents, governors and senators on path to a better Brazil through investments in research and development. We also participate on policy development and reviews.

Our Amazing Team

Vitor Pamplona

President & Board Member

Naira Bonifácio


Rafael Polidoro

PUBx Manager

Cristina Caldas

Board Member
Science Director, Instituto Serrapilheira

Ana Lopes

Board Member
Watson Health Marketing Leader, IBM

Rogério Vivaldi

CEO, Sigilon Therapeutics

The Foundation

SciBr is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting meaningful cultural, educational and scientific exchange between the United States and Brazil. Our mission is to connect Brazilian researchers, artists and entrepreneurs working abroad and to mobilize their talents to create a more prosperous, fair and sustainable Brazil

Want to help?

We are funded entirely on donations. If you like what we do and would like to support us so we can do more of it, follow the link bellow